Stop spending time with the “wrong” people.

new behinning new endingI know. “The wrong people” sounds pretty bad – as if  there are two categories and you belong to the good guys. Right! However demeaning this may sound, these “wrong” people are just, simply, not good for you – as opposed to their relationship to others, which may actually be quite good. Everything is subjective and relative, isn’t it?

People crossed my path and by doing so have either uplifted me or – in some cases –  put me down. I have never actually come across anyone who left me as unchanged as before. It’s not the people that stand by your side when you’re at your best, but the ones who stand beside you when you’re at your worst that are your true friends. Those cherished friends, colleagues, neighbours and such who brighten your day, gently nod you into the right direction or simply catch you when you fall. Keep these people close to you as much as you can! With he “wrong” people I mean the ones who suck the happiness out of you (temporarily or for extended periods of time – God forbid). Those folks who leave you tired, dissapointed or defeated but strangely incapable of responding appropriately. 

Obviously, it is not entirely the “wrong” peoples’ fault if – at times –  they left me scarred and bruised. They went only as far as I have let them. But I apparently could not resist them. Let’s face it: I let them do whatever they did, by accepting their actions – at least most of the time.

In retrospect these bad experiences were big life lessons. They made me stronger, wiser, more careful and best of all, more respectful of myself. So there! “Wrong” people are only wrong peope in sofar as you have not yet learned their valuable lessons. Sounds harsh? Not really if you ponder this for a while. My proof? When you grasp what life teaches you in such cases, you will bump into less and less of these “wrong” people, either by spotting them a mile away and adjusting your path or by standing strong in the shining light of your own self-respect. And as an added bonus: you will attract more members of the Nice crowd. Start being nice to yourself. Stop spending time with the “wrong” people. And you will meet people who are nice to you.


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