Coffee in Paradise

pap en ik(Father’s Day 2013)





Soft green eyes

filled with love and acceptance

a white moustache gracing his upper lip

giving added expression to his smile

Hands, freckled skin from years in the sun

even though he was born in the tropics

Coffee? he asks with a grin

more a statement of things to come

Than an actual question

He knows it’s our little thing together every morning

when mom’s out to a friend and we share time

Yeah Dad, I say anyways – as if I support his part in the act

My heart radiates with happiness and joy

Precious moments shared in words

talks with him, talks by him, me and Dad

My teacher, my best friend, my guide many tmes

Still I hear his voice, see his smiling eyes,

moustache-curled smile

As I sip a lone cup of coffee

in our summer garden as if in paradise

– where he now really is.

Tuin panorama


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