What is the Meaning of Peace

“What is the meaning of peace?”,

Asked a student one day

“What is your own answer,”

Replied his teacher in return

“For peace to you

May not be peace to me

In this ever changing,

Ever dividing world”

“But no,” said the student

“Such as you said

Cannot be true!”

“What is truth then,”

Said the teacher

“Your truth or mine?

Forever split we’ll be…”

“When will your peace be mine

When will your truth be ours?”,

The student replied in return.

“When you and I are no more

And divisions have melted away”

“So: after we die!

And only then will there be peace!

Die and truth will be there?”

“What is dying my friend,

But losing an image of self

and then all awake

To understand

That You is all that there is!

You in the stars, in the birds, in the trees

You in the man in the street

Just in that moment

Truth will be there

Where yesterday

And tomorrow can never be

And Peace is all that you Are”




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