What a difference a smile makes…

I got up this morning and opened my curtains. Just as I thought: rain!

Dreading the fact that I would have to bike to the subway station this morning and therefor would – no doubt – get soaking wet, I sighed and dragged myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Forty-five minutes later, as I walked out the door, I glanced at the plants in my garden. While yesterday they stood steaming in the sunshine, their leaves were now glistening in watery streams. I suddenly remembered that I should have turned the sprinklers on yesterday afternoon, but had – absentmindedly – forgotten all about it. “Good thing that it rains now,” I heard myself think.

I climbed on my bike. And stopped to smile… 

There I was, having two opposing thoughts: dread and gratefulness.

It was still raining. But I had changed. And so had my day.



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