Welcome! About me.

debWelcome to my page! My name is Deborah Wüst.

On my blog I write about what inspires me and what makes me think. These are usually topics that have a spiritual or philosophical touch to them. I also write stories that I heard and found to be so valuable that I like to share them in my own words.

“Spirituality” is such broad term, the aspects of which do not all resonate equally with everybody. One can visit meetings (“satsangs”), read beautiful literature and especially share profound conversations. Personally, I view spirituality mainly as something that flows from the formless and nameless into the practical application of daily life. This means that spirituality, to me, does not merely consist of theory and “knowledge”, but rather becomes a loving expression of life, for myself and for others.

My job is in education and this is, of course, a wonderful and important topic on my blog. I am convinced of the fact that today’s education puts too much emphasis on the “thinking, active” person and that a balanced form of education should also pay attention to the silent, thoughtless-aware and spacious side in all of us.

Because of my rather philosophical nature you will sometimes find, as you read, very clear or maybe somewhat hidden traces of the profound. It is my hope that you will have a pleasant walk along the pathways of my blog and that the traces which you might find along the way will leave you with the choice to follow them or not.



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